David Schluss, internationally acclaimed artist, is widely known for his trademark style of whimsical musicians and dancers, playfully nestled into an amusing and imaginative ensemble of intertwining figures adorned in bright colors. Schluss takes a tentative departure from his well-known style, experimenting with his newest collection called “Abstract Meditations.”

This new style by David Schluss is comprised of a collection of abstract-chic images, in the mood of contemporary landscapes with just the slight suggestion of a figurative element. The composition echoes the feeling of meditation, a sort of peaceful serenity meant to evoke a sense of peace and stillness within.

Inspired by the great abstract artists of the 20 century like Rothko, Kandinsky, Miro and Pollock, Schluss taps into his inner spiritual side. Schluss says, “We are so consumed by the fast paced life of today that we don’t allow ourselves to stop to breathe and feel relaxed. I wanted to create something that would remind us of the rhythm of waves of the ocean, something to make us stop and soothe the mind, bringing our awareness to a place of positive energy and inner peace.”

Schluss says that when we are daydreaming, our breath follows the rhythm of our thoughts; our minds are going from thought to thought, from one thing to another. Schluss wants us to view his paintings and sit and smile, thinking of a happy memory or a place we would want to be. He hopes that by observing this new collection we can use our thoughts to bring us to a place of rhythm and balance, being present and calming our existence.